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West End Free Market

Through our partnership with the West End Community Foundation, Inc. and Farmer Foodshare, The West End Free Market provides the West End, Lyon Park, and Lakewood communities with organic, local, high-quality produce and dry goods twice a month. Other organizations that offer items and services join on a rotating basis.


Member enrollment is free and proof of need is not required. Currently, there are over 275 members. 



The market strives to maintain dignity and autonomy for all members, so every member is a decision-maker. Items offered are determined through on-going surveys and conversations, ensuring families have access to culturally relevant foods and foods in alignment with their dietary needs. 


Members are also able to self-determine what and how much they need. There are no imposed limits.



This is a virtually plastic-free and waste free market.


Because of the ways members are able to self-determine what and how much they take, and because of the ways we source and package goods, there is very little waste. 

All dry goods are packaged in the same glass jars that have been donated, washed, and sanitized for use at Part & Parcel. Market members are invited to return jars so they can be used again. 

Any produce left after market is used to create prepared meals that are then put into the community fridge. 



We carry over our mission of employing Autistic / Neurodivergent / Disabled people at the market and prioritize hiring from within the community in which the market serves. 


The market takes place at the Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park which is fully ADA compliant.


Disabled and Elder market members can receive delivery.


Additionally, market materials are available in three languages: English, Spanish, and Arabic.  

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