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Rally for Disability Justice

We rally in observance of the 25th Anniversary of the Olmstead Act, not in clelbration of its passing, but as a call for the intention of it to actually become fulfilled. Despite its existence, Disabled people continue to be separated from society, continue to be without services in community, and continue to be without basic supports that are required for community access. 


We come together as a working draft for intersectional, inclusive, accessible movement work. So often Disabled, Neurodivergent, and/or Chronically-ill bodies and minds are not able to participate in forms of protest or celebration - whether it be about disability or not. This rally is a way to explore what it means to embody accessibility as we gather and to reflect on the ways that all forms are oppession are connected (-Staceyann Chin) so that we may work and rise together. Disability is in every justice movement, and every other justice movement is in the fight for disability justice. We cannot fight singularly. This rally is a cross disabilty, cross-movement MOVEMENT. 

Attendees can engage with the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice, where they can learn more about the history of disability rights and can record their own experiences as way to create to collective voice from across the country. Alongside this, attendees can connect with the Durham County Board of Elections to register to vote, to obtain voter ID, and connect to transportation for voting through Disability Rights North Carolina. 

We hope that people, groups, organizations, and businesses will self-organize and come as a group. By getting folks in your networks to know about this event and then supporting the transportation needs for those that you can, you are contributing to the accessibility of this event. Transportation to events is often one of the most significant barriers. Who needs to be at this event that you know? How can you help them get there?

Folks are encouraged to create signs with images or words they feeled moved to share during the rally. Examples: addressing the gaps still faced despite the Olmstead Act passing 25 years ago, showing the connection between the focus of your organization and disability justice, simply saying who you are, something you stand for as it relates to disability rights, Disabled/Neurodivergent/Chronically-ill experience.


Filling out this registration form helps us prepare, but you are welcome to just show up.

Show up how you show up. We are making space for you. 

This event will have 2 locations running simultaneously. One is outdoor and high stimulus and one is indoor and low stimulus. The events occuring at the outdoor/high stimulus location will be live streamed through a projector in the auditorium of the community center at the indoor/low stimulus location. It will be at a low volume with closed captions. There will be live audio description, ASL, Spanish translation, and CART. All of this will be done consecutively and will be heard/viewable in both locations. Scroll down this page to learn more about accessibility features at each location. 


The food we are providing for dinner is from A Alston Smokehouse, a catering company and food truck from our neighborhood. The meal will be burgers, hot dogs, turkey BBQ, and fries. Cookies are being provided by L'Arche. We acknowledge this does not reach all preferences and dietary needs. Outside food is welcome. 

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AGENDA - June 25th, 2024, 6:00pm - 8:30pm (both locations)

6:00 - 6:25   Engagement with the Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice or voting access supports

                    Dinner available by AAlston Smokehouse and Vegan Flava Cafe

                    Grocery giveaways - FEED Durham and Root Causes


6:25 - 7:10   Presenters

























As a somatic energy healer, Lou Jent (they/him) has offered low cost and free individual sessions to the community for over five years, using natural materials, intuition, and resources that would appeal to a universal sense of self-determination. These sessions are offered to community members who are seeking to re-connect to their own ancestral guidances in order to create embodied, source-driven experiences and decisions in their lives.  They are now beginning to answer a longstanding call to collective healing, honoring the land and all who have been affected by colonization.  


In this collective healing practice, Lou will ask everyone who is comfortable doing so to place their right hand over their heart, and close their eyes as we slow and sync our breath and heartbeats. As they lead us through the brief exercise , they will allow for visualization as well as vocalization of those in attendance, building the collective energy and confidence of the group.  As we feel both our breath and heart quicken, we will understand ourselves to possess transformative energy.  They will then issue a collective call for us to see ourselves as emboldened and revolutionary, carrying forward our passions as sparks that can create space for others to have this same sense of belonging and freedom — each of us a torch light for justice.


Poetry performance by Durham's Poet Laureate, DJ Rogers


Moving Still was originally commissioned by ADF as a site-specific work and was designed as an evolving sculpture garden with 10 dancers. The movement score focuses on shifting rather than arriving and explores the moment of transition between stillness and motion. The work was inspired by the idea of how we were all transitioning together through COVID and the layers of effort and resilience that we have all had to discover. The design creates constantly shifting compositions where even moments of stillness have a continual sense of progression.


Moving, Still is choreographed and directed by ShaLeigh Comerford in collaboration with the dancers. Original compositions are by Mike Wall at soundFORMovement. Performers are Hannah Marr and Ed Rizzuto. 

8:10 - 8:30  Invitation for Collective Healing and Closing

7:10 - 7:45

7:45 - 8:10   Performances:


Part & Parcel, 1901 Chapel Hill Rd. Durham, NC 27707

This event will occur outside, in the parking lots of Part & Parcel and The Durham Literacy Center. There is a sidewalk connecting the 2 parking lots.  There are places to sit and have shade.


A quiet space for any breaks that are necessary from the crowd, sound, or other stimulus is available inside of both Part & Parcel and The Durham Literacy Center. The event is not live streamed into these spaces. 


Accessible bathrooms are located in The Durham Literacy Center and Part & Parcel. The bathroom in Part & Parcel is single stalled and non-gendered. 


The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice will be on site from 6:00 - 7:10. The caravan is collected the stories of Disabled people from all around the country and taking them to DC. You are invited to share your story. This is completely optional. 

The Board of Elections will be on site at this location from 7:15 - 8:30. You can register to vote, get your voter ID, and arrnage transportation for future voting.

This location is immediately proximate to a bus station (#10) and space for drop-off from ride shares. We encourage carpooling. 


Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park, 1309 Halley St. Durham, NC 27707

This buidling is ADA accessible and has non-gendered, single-stalled bathroom in the back of the first floor. 


The event will be in the auditorium.The auditorium is flat. The room will will be divided into a larger space and a smaller space. The smaller space will be further away from where the live stream is being projected. 


Tables and chairs will be set up in the room. There will be art supplies to engage with.


The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice will be on site from 7:15 - 8:30. The caravan is collected the stories of Disabled people from all around the country and taking them to DC. You are invited to share your story. This is completely optional. 

The Board of Elections will be on site at this location from 6:00 - 6:50. You can register to vote, get your voter ID, and arrnage transportation for future voting.

This location is .25 miles away from a bus stop (#10). There is a hill involved. There is space for drop-off from ride share. We encourage carpooling. 

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