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Autistic Perspective Series: Gender Identity

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Azrael Burton (xe/they)

Azrael is working toward a degree in Women and Gender Studies with a Minor in Sexuality Studies. Xe is driven by furthering sex education into a more intersectional arena, as xis lived experience is inherently intersectional.  They believe marginalized communities are particularly underserved in many academic conversations surrounding gender, sex and sexuality and looks to those primary sources as equally important.

Michelle Neumann (they/them)

Michelle lives and works in North Carolina’s Triangle area, and was born and raised in North Dakota. Their work is rooted in yoga training, death doula practice, social work training, caregiving experience, meditation, and lived experience as a white, queer, disabled, neurodivergent, nonbinary person. Michelle has been studying privilege & oppression, death, and accessibility for sixteen years in both their personal and professional life.

Katelyn Moore (they/them)

Katelyn is a Black, genderqueer, and neurodivergent artivist (artist+activist.) Katelyn believes in the power of art and that environmentally and socially conscious art empowers individuals to find healing via their own hands. As a visual artist and spoken word artist, they create artwork that is inspirational or speaks about social justice issues. As an art therapist and somatic therapist, they are passionate about working with clients who are multicultural and who are members of the LGBTQAAI2S+ community through an intersectionality lens. In their free time, Katelyn is an all around Blerd (Black+nerd) and enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, watching superhero shows and movies, and wishing they had the time for a full DnD campaign.



Rémy Jodrey (they/them)

Rémy is a non-binary autistic self-advocate who works as a licensed clinical mental health counselor (LCMHC) supervising a program that provides therapeutic supports for individuals who are dually diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health conditions.  Rémy is especially invested in providing education on trauma-informed care and advocating for greater community inclusion for folx with IDD. One of Rémy's additional professional interests includes the intersection of transgender identity and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Rémy's lived experiences as a trauma survivor and trans person with multiple disabilities fuels their passions to make our communities safer for marginalized populations and more accessible for all disabled individuals. In their personal life, Rémy enjoys spending time with their chosen family (including two cats), listening to Bachelor recap podcasts, practicing yoga, and reading YA thrillers/mysteries from the library.


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