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Community Fridge and Garden at Part & Parcel 

In front of Part & Parcel sits a garden that is open for planted and maintained through our staff and volunteers, and harvested for and by community. Produce grown here is either put into the Community Fridge, used in our PREP Class, or is added to the West End Free Market. 

Part & Parcel is also a host site for the second Community Fridge organized by Durham Community Fridges. It is stocked with fresh produce, perishable groceries, and healthy prepared meals by community members, organizations, and businesses. It is accompanied by a little free pantry that holds non-perishables, basic first aid items, personal hygiene and menstrual products. 

Community members are welcome to take what they need, when they need it, or to contribute items to the fridge. The fridge is accessible 24/7.

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